Our Range

Our Range

Mobility is important for your mind, knowing that you can go when and where you want restore your independence.
TG Mobility has the scooter that fits your needs.

Three wheels

The Three Wheel Model KPL00301 is a class 2 model, with a turning radius of 112cm it is especially convenient to negotiate narrow turns. Ideal for use at home, or outdoor on footpaths or pavement. The 180W motors allow a maximum speed of 6.6km/h does not require a driver’s license. This model has a range of 16 to 20km between two charges.

Four wheels

The For Wheel has three versions KPL00102, KPL00202, KL00203 built around the base model KPL00102.
The base model KPL00102 offers the same specifications as the three-wheel model KPL00301 with an improved stability thanks to its four wheels. Also a class 2 model, 112cm turning radius, it will negotiate narrow turns. For home or outdoor use, on footpaths or pavement.